Nail Art

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Butterflies taste the world with their feet. Taste the world with your nails with our niche nail products.

Funky to Goth

We know that nail-art lovers are no plain Janes. They are versatile in their tastes. So, we have the whole range covered- from upbeat pop colours and soothing pastels to outrageous dark tones! Your many moods reflect seamlessly onto your nails with all the colours in Royal Kart nail art combo kit.

So, be funky and feisty on Fridays and alarm your boss a little with your Goth nails on Mondays!

Stamp it out!

When that new dark metal song’s starting to play at your graduation party, you can stamp to its beats…not only with your feet, but with your nails! How? With our nail art stamping kit which has multiple image plates to keep you grooving. Gone are the days of finger tapping and knuckle rapping to music, it’s time to the flash those nails to the world and to show them that nails can also stamp- louder than your feet!

Glitter, glitter, dot!

All those glitter bottles out there are not gold…but ours are! Royal Kart glitter bottles give your nails that refined shine. So, put a different glitter on each nail and let your twinkling fingers do all the talking.

Our Double-sided Nail Art Dotting Tool makes you feel and act like a cheetah or a butterfly with those glamorous dots! So, slay them all with your cheetah avatar or mesmerize by fluttering like a social butterfly.


Our Nail Art Brushes give your nails that perfect classy touch! So, spill your imagination on your nails and let our brushes guide the way.

Nail-Care done right!

Even after the downright fun we have with our nail art products, our hearts are in the right place. We give top priority to nail-health with our manicure kit because we know that your nails can only glow in happiness when they have been nourished well. Our nail art combo kit products protect your nails while having all the fun.

Prices are never the spoiler

Royal Kart nail art products keep your hearts light and your wallets heavy. With us, it is never the other way round. Affordable prices and durable products make you fully relish all the moods and colours we have to offer.

So, try our nail art products, increase your oomph ten folds and keep the world at your finger (sic nail) tips!