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All that clutter on your desk reflects in your mind- makes your thoughts run helter-skelter and eats into your time.  So, what do you want: a gaping hole in your life inside which so much of your time disappears because you cannot organize your life? Or do you want to bless yourself with our office stationery set that arranges your life…and your thoughts?

Divide and then add!

These days you do not even look at your keypad when you type on your phone and your laptop. Why then should you be cautious when grabbing some office stationery? In a moment of hurry and anxiety, you might jolly well grab the marker instead of the whitener and create a black mess on that contract! Think how many times your anxiety will multiply in such a scenario!

Royal Kart office supply, armed with many pockets and compartments, makes sure that you don’t regret over such mistakes. You no longer need to group your marker with your favourite fountain pen and your whitener. You divide all these stationery and put them into separate spaces and keep adding to each of these items till you own many of each type! We mean to say that our pockets have enough space besides being many in number! So, you can store 5 pens instead of 3, 4 rulers instead of 3 and 3 healthy markers instead of 1!

And very soon, your fingers will know exactly which compartment to find when looking for that eraser or that ruler…even when you aren’t looking!

All shapes and sizes!

One size does not fit all your stationery! Royal Cart desk organizer knows that well. You need not frown over creases in your sticky notes because our office desk organizer set has well-thought compartments where they will sit easy. You no longer have to garland your pens with the cellotape to keep it within sight or fear losing it after every use. Our organizer set has a cozy pocket for that too!

All material!

Oh, and yes paper clips and binders, pins and staples do not need to stay with all the rest of your stationery items. So, zero chances of them spilling over or pricking your fingers and making your life difficult.

Classy Looks!

Our office supply set looks classy in a practical way! Black metal mesh gives it pure office vibes and makes it an asset for your desk. And did we mention, it is rust-proof?

Great Price!

Our office table stationery set also keeps your pocket and life sorted. So there, gift your friends and family our office supply set without burning a hole in your pocket. They are sure to thank you for your thoughtful gesture!