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3m corner guard

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    • UNIQUE FEATURE : Self-Adhesive Double-Sided TAPE PRE ATTACHED TO CORNER PROTECTORS! Baby proofing made convenient, efficient, and frustration-free. No alignments, no diagrams to follow, no wasted time – JUST PEEL the Self-Adhesive Double-Sided Tape and stick the corner cushions to furniture corners! The best answer to busy parents’ needs!
    • OTHER FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE: Authentic Self-Adhesive Double-Sided Adhesive tape ensures the cushions won’t come easily off, even with your toddler tagging on them. Extra strong and durable yet easy to trim to size and install without special tools. Self-Adhesive Double-Sided Tape on ROLLS for easy application on edge protectors. Best impact absorption with rubber foam almost TWICE thicker than other brands. Kids-safe, non-toxic, flame-resistant and latex-free.
    • SUGGESTED USE: The edge protector and corner guards are safety furniture bumpers used for baby proofing sharp edges and corners. Cushion desks, tables, coffee tables, chests, nightstands, bed frames, shelves, cabinets, etc. Protect babies from the hard surfaces of marble and granite countertops, kitchen islands as well as wall corners and glass tanks. (PLEASE NOTE: Brick being porous by nature has reduced adhesion strength!)
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