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mouse trap glue pad

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  • Characteristics of product : * This is a product that is able to capture insects or pests such as rats, flies etc with the adhesive which is applied. This method is differentiated from the existing method of capturing rats with poisonous substances. * It is an eco-friendly product harmless to the human body, of which performance is excellent compared to its price. How to use: * Install the product unfolded or bent at the corner or narrow places including wall, sink, side of the drainage, and back of refrigerator where rats come out often. * It is better to put the foods on the product such as grains, etc in order to raise the capturing effect. * Install several traps at the same time in order to raise the capturing effect. * It could be less effective in capturing as there is water or oil around the feet of rat, so it is better to avoid the place where there is water or oil around or please put old newspapers or paper before it is installed. Cautions : * Please install away from the place where could be reached by the children or pets. * Please avoid touching the product directly with your hand even though it is not harmful to human beings. * If the liquid adhesive is stained, first remove the water around, clean with mineral oil or vegetable oil, and lastly wash out with soup. Product size : Folded 8.25″ x 6.3″ (21 x 16cm) / Unfolded 8.25″ x 12.6″ (21 ˍ 32 cm). Package: Pack of 20 Traps.

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