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5-Layer Silicone Heel Insole Increase Height-Lift Men Women Shoes |Insoles For Height|

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The 5-Layer Silicone Heel Insert- insolesĖFor Height is mainly made of high-grade soft silicone with good damping effect for comfortable to wear, and fit perfectly in your shoes, and have 5 removable layers so that you can choose the height you like.

Adjustable Height-5 Layers:

These incredible height increase insoles allow you to increase your height by up to 0.5inch, 1.25inch…in just a blink. 5 different options: Every single section adds approximately 0.65cm(0.255″”) to your height to let you choose your desired number of layers and height!


Material: durable soft springy silicone and flocked fabric.

    • Each single section adds approximately 0.65cm(0.255″”) to your height.
    • Apply to all men and women sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes. thigh boot.
    • Removable allows you to choose your height depending on the style of shoe you are wearing
    • Reduces back and knees pressure when walking. Molds to the shape of the foot, extremely comfortable
    • Can effectively prevent your foot soles from slipping inside your shoes, and increase the comfort of your shoes.
    • Soft springy and comfortable silicone insoles with good damping effect, helping to relieve your foot pain and fatigue when walking and suitable for standing for a long time.
    • The invisible design makes nobody notice you wearing them.

Washing method:
The Silicone Gel Shoes Insole Can be washed by hand and dry in the air.
Warm water, gentle hand, naturally dry, reusable, long-term use will not be flat deformation.
Pair of 5 Layers Height Increase Lift Silicone Gel Shoes Insole Inserts Pads.
Exquisite packing box.

5-Layer Adjustable Heel Lift:

Removable design can easily increase or decrease the height you need, convenient to fit various shoes.
Comfortable Silica-Gel with Massage Point:
Shock-absorbing Cushioning – Heel pain relief when standing or walking for a long time and reduce the pressure with each step.


    1. Leg Length Discrepancy: If you have one leg shorter than the other, you can use our insoles to adjust the leg length.
    1. Height Increase Insoles: Barely visible height increase insoles fit your shoes well and nobody noticed that.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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