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Baby Child Safety Strip Cushion & Corner Guards with Strong Fibreglass Tape (Brown)

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Now you can easily ensure your child?s safety. This Child Safety Strip Cushion and Corner Guards with strong Fiberglass Tape for Baby Safety Child Proofing comes in a Pack of 2 Baby Safety Stip Cushion Guard, 8 Pcs of Corner Guards, Fiberglass double sided tape rolls and installation instruction manual. The length of the safety strip is 2metres. This product helps to protect children from injuries from sharp corners or edges of furniture. Most furniture has sharp corners or edges. Now your child can play without any worry of having an accident with the sharp furniture in the room. Protects babies from injuries Cushion & Corner Guards For Baby Safety protects your babies from cuts and bruises. This product ensures your baby’s protection as they like to move around and play freely in the room. Comes with silicon adhesive The package includes roll of super strong fibreglass double sided mesh tape which comes with silicon adhesive. This makes the tapes much stronger, easy to use and durable. Comes with super strong fibre glass mesh This child safety tape comes with super strong fibre mesh double sided tape roll which will be enough to cover the product quantity. This makes the usage of the product easier. Safety strip of length 2 metres This product comes with a safety strip which has a length of 2 metres. This has the ability to cover all the product units and is perfect for use. Convenient to use The strip of this tape is easy to cut and replace. It is flexible and durable. Besides it is also fashionable and convenient to use.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 3 cm


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