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Baby Safety Locks For Child Infant Toddler (Pack Of 32)



  • SINGLE HAND PUSH BUTTON DESIGN: A design that’s easy to use by adults yet difficult to understand for babies and pets. With Royalkart safety lock you can multitask while carrying your little one in one hand and just pressing the button by other to lock or unlock it.
  • SUPER STICKY 3M TAPES: Sticks strongly with super sticky 3M tapes on their back to stick on any surface you want. Difficult to remove for kids
  • NO ROCKET SCIENCE INVOLVED IN INSTALLATION – A PEEL AND PASTE MODEL: You don’t need to do much physical or mental labor while putting these safety locks on your drawers, toilet seat, refrigerator, etc. Just clean the surface on which it is to be applied. It has adhesive 3M tapes on the back of both plastic ends. Just PEEL the 3M tape covers from one end and paste it. Then accordingly peel off the other end’s tape and paste it.
  • MADE UP OF ABS PLASTIC: The ends are made up of ABS plastic which are strong, durable and does not break easily until and unless you are a super Mom or Dad
  • NYLON STRAP: The straps are made of nylon that holds the plastic ends tightly together. Non stretchable though !


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baby safety cabinet lock
Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm


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