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BH Cosmetics Dot Collection 11 Piece Brush Set (Pink)


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Overview: our adorable polka dot collection, this 11ˍpiece brush sets will score points with you! Cozy, non-animal tested face and eye brushes with matching hair and handles, in a handy cylindrical case. For a touch of color and playfulness on your dressing table. This multi-purpose brush set includes: an angled eye brush, a lip brush, a flat eyeliner brush, an angled eye shadow brush, a small blending brush, a classic eye shadow brush, an angled eye shadow brush, a classic foundation brush, angled blush brush, a powder brush and a deluxe fan brush (ideal for applying bronzer to your body). Available in pink, white and black. Ingredients & benefits: synthetic hair brush, not tested on animals, multifunctional for face and eyes, high-quality cylindrical brush case included, easy to clean. Brushes included in the set: 1.ˍdeluxe fan brush, 2. powder brush 3.ˍangled blush brush 4.ˍfoundation brush 5.ˍtapered eyeshadow and blending brush 6.ˍclassic eyeshadow brush 7.ˍangled eyeshadow brush 8.ˍsmall blending brush 9.ˍflat eyeliner brush 10.ˍFine eyeliner brush 11. lip brush.

Weight 0.18 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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