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Corner Protector, Baby Proofing Child Safety Corner Guards (12 Pack)


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Are you worried about keeping your children and babies safe in the house?


Concerned they might bang their heads on tables or corners?


Then look no further than the RoyalkartˍCorner Protectors!


  • Perfect for covering sharp edges on cupboards, tables and other home furniture



    • Soft flexible material to cushion impact and prevent injuryˍ\n

                      Transparent PVC so do not spoil the look of your home

    • to all surfaces and resistant to being pulled off by curious minds

      BPA free and meets all relevant EU safety standards


You must have a solution for all parents and grandparents saves infants from dangerous corners and are an essential way to prevent injuries occurring



Why Choose Royalkart?


Royalkart is a family business with an emphasis on bringing you only the very best quality child safety products.


We work closely in the community and with parents just like yourselves to constantly identify and improve solutions and we actively promote and raise awareness of all aspects relating to child safety.


So why choose Royalkart…. for safety and peace of mind.


Why Buy Royalkart Corner Protectors?

Amazing Value

Each pack contains an amazing 12 x Corner Protector plus spare tape meaning you can safeguard even more areas.

Peace Of Mind

Made from flexible PVC, Royalkart Corner Protectors are the perfect childproof solution to keep little kids safe from nasty head injuries.


Not only are your corner guards perfect for safeguarding precious children, but they are also ideal to stop adults from hurting knees on cupboards or heads on bookcases or the stairs!


Key Features Of Your Royalkart Corner Protectors

Easy to Use

\nRoyalkart Corner Protectors come in frustration free packaging with high quality easy to read instructions. Unlike other brands, they have adhesive tape pre-installed saving you time and stress trying to apply fiddly pieces of tape.

No Mess or Fuss

\nRoyalkart Corner Protectors use extra strong self-adhesive easy peel tape – no glue is needed. They are easy to remove, leave no lasting residue and cause no damage to your furniture!

High Quality

Royalkart Corner Protectors are made with only the highest quality PVC material and are designed to last. Not only are they transparent and practically invisible but we have specially designed them not to discolour over time.


Weight 0.25 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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