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EcoTools Eye Enhancing Brush Set Duo


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EcoTools Eye Enhancing Brush Set


EcoTools Eye Enhancing Brush Set is designed with 4 brush heads to shade, define, blend, and smudge.


How to Use:


Shade & Define Brush: Apply shadow all over the lid with the shading brush then flip it over and use the defining brush to add depth to the eyes.


– Blend & Smudge Brush: Blend shadow to eliminate harsh lines with the blending brush, and use the smudge brush to create soft definition along the lash line.


ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ ˍ EcoTools Eye Enhancing Brush Set Guide

Shading Brush


SHADE: Apply shadow all over the lid with the soft, tapered bristles


Defining Brush


DEFINE: Use angled liner end to the line and enhance eye shape


Blending Brush


BLEND: Blend shadow to eliminate streaks and harsh lines


Smudge Brush


SMUDGE: Smudge shadow and liner along the lash line



About EcoTools Brush Set

Armed with a mission to make women look beautiful on the outside and feel just as good on the inside, sisters Jen and Stacey set out to create a brush collection that was not only environmentally friendly, but chic, high-quality, and affordable too. After sourcing recycled materials, renewable bamboo, and better manufacturing processes, in 2007, EcoTools was born.

This year, weˍe celebrating EcoTools 10th anniversary by introducing a fresh new look, brushes that feel even better in your hands, and packaging with detailed tutorials that make it easier than ever to create a beautiful look from hair to toe.


Weight 0.299 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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