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Engage Combo Deodorant Spray For Woman 150ml, Pack Of 3


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About Engage Combo Deodorant Spray:

Engage Combo Deodorant Spray of the three fragrances includes:

Engage Drizzle Deodorant Spray – Has a strong lavender fragrance for the contemporary woman. Its fresh sweet-smelling top notes bring forth a luxury and comfort that is nostalgic for a spa.
Engage Blush Deodorant Spray – Doesn’t’ let a woman feel shy to express her love and affection. It’s time to catch his attention. Blush, the all-new Engage deodorant spray for the graceful and glamorous woman.
Engage Tease Deodorant SprayHas Feminine interpretation of a classic fragrance. Nobody likes a tease. Or do they? Here’s your chance to tease him like never before. Enjoy, the new Engage deodorant spray.

Features Of The Product:

    • Fragrance ˍˍBlush Bodylicious Deo Spray doesn’t let a woman feel shy to express her love and affection. Tease Bodylicious Deo Spray has a Feminine interpretation of a classic fragrance. Drizzle Bodylicious Deo Spray has a strong lavender fragrance for the modern woman.


    • Long-lasting Fragrance ˍˍEngage Deo keeps the body odor for 24 hrs.


    • Choice Of Every Indian ˍˍEngage has been the ideal choice of Youngsters, Girls & Women.


    • Usage Directions ˍˍShake it well before using it and hold it 15 cm away from underarms and then spray.


    • Do not spray near your eyes and sensitive areas.


    • Keep the product away from children, source of ignition, and direct sunlight.


How To Use The Product:

About The Brand:

In May 2013, ITC’s Personal Care Products Business expanded its product portfolio with the launch of Engage one of India’s first series of ‘couple deodorants’. It consists of a range of 16 deodorants – with 8 fragrances each for Men & Women. This new variety of Deo Sprays for men & women provides 24-hour freshness and has been enhanced to their personal grooming and confidence.

The innovative packaging idea that brings alive special couple moments engaging in a new language of love. Packed in shaped cans, Engage introduces ‘Silhouettes’ as its key design component. Embodying the proposition of playful chemistry, the profile on each pack illustrates distinct playful, uninhibited moment couples ‘Engage’ in.

Engage for men have a bold and modern look that has been designed in classical black with a tinge of effervescent colors. The range for women is in bright hues of Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green on a can shape designed with present feminine designs.

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Engage Perfume Sprays:

Engage has introduced a new range of perfume sprays for men & women. Crafted by international experts this range delivers strong and long-lasting fragrances. This range has been launched in clear transparent packaging.

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