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Orthotic Shoe Insoles |Memory Foam Sweat Absorption Sport Shoe Inserts|

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Orthotic Shoe Insoles are Soft, ultra-light, and comfortable to wear Full long arch support Active carbon fiber remove odors Additional heel cushion protects heel spur from most painful shocks High resilient blue gel cushion provides extra protection Provides extra support to the heel and base of the foot Extra cushioning in the heel for maximum effect. Stoma design, not afraid sweat, suitable for sports, keep your feet smell in fresh. Size: DIY cutting.S:Foot Length about 24.0cm.M: Foot Length about 26.0cm.L: Foot Length about 28.5cm. The package includes One pair of Insoles (For both Legs). Package Technology For Temperature Control, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Perspiration Machine Washable. eg Includes – One pair (2 Pcs). The Original Anti-Fatigue Insole With Dual Layer Memory Foam Technology.

The arch is supported by a rigid piece of the foot. Forefoot + heel shock absorption anti-skid module.

Breathable and sweat-absorbent, the fabric of the product is knitted and soft, and delicate, comfortable.

Made from light and premium fabric & silicone material that perfectly suits your comforts. Good breathability just like nature breath.

Say goodbye to Swollen, Blister, Scar, Rubbed the Skin with our Royalkart Orthotic Shoe Insoles.

Instruction for Use :

    • Remove the current insoles from your shoes
    • Place Royalkart memory foam insoles with your current insoles back to back
    • If your original insoles are smaller than Royalkart insoles, you can trim along the outline on the bottom of insoles to match the size of your current insoles
    • Insert Royalkart Insoles into your shoes (do not put insoles on top of your current insoles in the shoes as it would be too thick and wide)

A new way to protect your heels.

    • Madeˍfrom light and premium fabric & silicone material that perfectly suits your comforts.
    • Walk like a beauty queen as you wear your confidence with the shoes.
    • Soft like a feather.
    • Good breathability just like nature breath.

Give your feet a warm and comfortable feeling when you stand, walk, and run with this orthotic insole. You are about to help Mother Nature and your feet as well. The insoles also surely suit men to say goodbye to the pain of their feet.

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2 cm


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