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Spinz Livewire Body Spray For Women (150 ml, Pack of 3)


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About Spinz Livewire Body Spray:

Spinz Livewire Body Spray brings you alive with its irresistible fragrance of addictive aroma of warm amber, vanilla flowers melting with tempting fruits such as peach and tangerine, & highlighted with a touch of sweer chocolate followed by middle spicy notes of rose, lotus, & cardamom.

Spinz Deo Body Spray provides you freshness and confidence all day long. These fragrances are sourced from some of the top perfumeries around the world!

Features Of The Product:

    • Fragrance ˍˍSpinz Deodorant Body Spray brings you alive freshness with its irresistible fragrance of addictive aroma of warm amber and vanilla flowers melting with tempestuous fruits such as peach and tangerine.
    • Long-lasting Fragrance ˍˍSpinz Deo keeps the body odor for 24 hrs.
    • Choice Of Every Indian ˍˍSpinz has been the ideal choice of youngsters, Girls & Women.
    • Usage Instructions ˍˍShake it well before using it. Hold it 15 cm away from underarms and then spray.
    • Do not spray near your eyes or sensitive areas. Keep the product away from children, source of ignition, and direct sunlight.

How To Use The Product:

engage deodorant for women

About The Brand:

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”- Christian Dior
When the World Cup Cricket fervor reached fever pitch in 1996, it was not just the men who were having fun. In the offices of CavinKare, an exciting new range of deodorants and talcs for women was taking form. It is known for its trendy, fresh & vibrant color packaging products and for its sensuous and mesmerizing fragrance, which will surely be loved by today’s modern consumer.
Presenting, the all-new range of Spinz Deodorant – For the adventure in you! These distinctive fragrances will bring out the adventurous spirit within you! It keeps the odor up to 24 hours of long-lasting freshness.

Now smell your best with the perfect range of Spinz Perfumed Deodorant – Explorer, Thrillseeker, Trailblazer, Livewire, Achiever, Hi-flyer, Enchante & Exotic.

Spinz Deodorant spray combo

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