Important Points Of The Insole

Are these Trimmable?/ Can I Trim these insoles with scissor?👟🦶👣

Yes, These insoles can be trimmed to fit using a sharp scissor easily.👣

Do I need to remove existing insole in my shoes? What if they are not removable?👟

Yes, most of the shoes have a removable or lightly glued insole, which can taken off with no effort.

In case you shoes does not have a removable insole. Simply place Royalkart insoles on top of your existing insoles and you're good to go.

Can Frido insoles be transferred from shoe to shoe?👟👣

We recommend you get separate insoles for separate shoes for hygiene as well as custom trim fit purposes.

What kind of shoes can Royalkart insoles be used in?👣

Royalkart Comfort Arch Cushion Insole work perfectly with Sneakers, Walking shoes, running/jogging shoes, sports shoes, canvas shoes, trekking shoes, boots, safety shoes, badminton shoes, work boots.


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