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Mosquito Curtain For Your House Door!

Cats go Meow Meow, Dogs go Woof Woof, Mosquitoes go Mmm Mmm, and Bugs go Buzz Buzz…

All mosquitoes make sound. Did you know that those occasionally annoying tones produced by mosquitoes, come from the beating of their wings? In the nighttime, the mosquitoes usually will come in to land, bite, suck your blood, and fly off before you've noticed them.

The insects aren’t so coy either. Fleas, gnats and house flies, on the other hand, just love to disobey the rules to creep inside and claim our houses as free real estate. What makes them so terrifying is their physical forms — skeletons outside their bodies, a skittery way of moving, too many legs and too many eyes. Not to mention the terrifying nightmares we’ve all had from watching Khatron Ke Khiladi episodes. Would you ever reinforce an insect to crawl inside your body and let it explore inside? Some animal lovers certainly will. But then comes the other half of the population who loathe mosquitoes and bugs, and will try every means to avoid using their house as breeding grounds or Entomophobics as we call it.

Living in India has many disadvantages to coinciding under the same roof as them. If you live in a joint family, with four kids running around, and the daily welcoming of guests with the door kept ajar open all day and all night, monthly visits to the hospitals and clinics and learning about new diseases, only to find out a small parasite has caused it.

Families like these have probably been introduced to mosquito repellents, insect sprays, body creams, net curtains and many more. We have a similar product for you to consider today, which is available at an affordable price and durable for serviceable life.

Mosquito Screen Curtain Mesh With Pre-Attached 34 Magnets, Self-Adhesive Hook Tape & 15 Push Pins For Main/Balcony/Kitchen Doors

With just an affordable price of Rs.799/-, you get this high-quality door screen mesh with built-in magnets, that make it easy to open & close automatically. The mesh curtain is also convenient for pets and toddlers to walk through easily with its hands-free design.



Features –

  • The high-quality door screen mesh lets fresh air in and keep insects, mosquitoes and bugs out.
  • The weighted bottom of the screen door helps it close quickly and safely and does not sway.
  • 15pcs of strong adhesive strips and additional thumbtacks, also help in the installation firm and make its service life last longer.
  • All total there are strong 34 Magnets on the screen door curtains.



Check out more features here

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information about other products too. Our mission is to enhance customer's shopping experience with our world class products. We hope you liked this short section on Mosquito Repellents this time. More coming soon!





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