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Best Nail art Designs 2021

Hello ladies!

Summers leaving us soon? Happy about it or not? Not so certain with everybody’s answers.

But we can certainly say that you all definitely must be excited for the festive season!

Now many of us might think that we are just gonna buy some clothes, put our heels, do our hair real nice and done. But is it?

How would you stand out then?

Festive season is approaching as we all know, so just like we decorate our houses why not ourselves too? The hint that I am giving here is – decorating your nails too i.e. doing nail art.

Now how prominent part of our body is our hands? It wouldn’t be nice of us to just abandon it like that.

Here you'll find some of the ideas which you gonna love for sure!!


Can you ever go wrong with glitters? Not just festivals are coming but the cozy winter nights too. For a party or an evening date. Make it all sparkle with your shimmer dress and glitter nails or can play around by wearing a casual dress but giving a statement look by those glitter nails.




With autumn approaching us, the vibe of pink is in the air. Isn’t it?

How many of us go into our that zone where we just wanna have some cupcakes with coffee? And guess what can compliment your hands while having that coffee? Well, look below!


Green? Eco-friendly? Or just nature lover?

Does green ever go out of fashion?
checkout this nail art design? Apart from fashion, doesn’t it give an impression of our mother nature?

So for my girls who are lover of flora and fauna, must try this!!


Now when we talked about flora and fauna, I guess we missed flora a little but no worries. Here are floral patterns which are going to with all the Indian festive on your ethnic look coz don’t we literally use flowers on our every occasion?

These are the prettiest designs for you for such a time of the year.


Now some of you must've got worried! Since the working women got to keep it subtle! But don’t worry, we have got your backs. Something elegant and subtle which can be carried in office as well and can compliment your look after work too.

Check this out!



And these are just all, we've got plenty of option to make your this festive season “dhamaakedaar”.
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Author- Ruchika Tiwari







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