About Us

Established in 2013, Royalkart was born out of a vision to provide innovative solutions for modern-day needs. Our diverse product range spans across Beauty, Nail Art, Home Decor, Home & Kitchen, Baby Safety, Adhesive Solutions, Desk Organizers, Anti-skid products, Insect Repellents, and more.

As one of the top sellers on leading e-commerce platforms in India, our mission is to deliver the highest quality products in our niche, while continually exploring new frontiers to address the evolving challenges of modern life.

At Royalkart, we firmly believe that contemporary problems require contemporary solutions. We strive to bring these solutions to everyone in India at the most affordable prices. Our commitment to maintaining the best industry standards ensures that every product from Royalkart is a perfect blend of quality and innovation.

With an offering of over 1000+ exclusive products, Royalkart is dedicated to providing solutions on a regular basis, making everyday life easier and more convenient for our customers.

🎉 Welcome to *ROYALKART*! We're all about innovative solutions for urban and rural Indian households. 🏡

📅 Struggling with time management? Our affordable, reusable planners are perfect for organizing your day and week. 🌳

💅 Love nail art? We've got you covered with our range of nail art products.

🌸 Want to make an impression? Try our top-quality Attars.

🐜 Tired of pests? Our top-notch Cockroach Killers and Mosquito Nets for doors and windows keep your home insect-free. Use our Sealing Tape for soundproofing and extra protection. 🚪

⚠️ Worried about slips and falls? Our Anti-Skid Solutions ensure safety in your home and workplace.

👣 Suffering from sole pain? Check out our Sole Care range and choose your insoles.

🎁 Looking for the perfect gift? From our superb Vanity Bags for makeup lovers to our 3D LED Illusion Lamps, we have something for everyone.

😴 Need a good night's sleep? Our smooth, comfortable Eye Masks are just what you need.

🍽️ Want to spruce up your dining table? Choose from our wide range of Dining Table Mats and Runners.

🎨 Help your child with their artwork or assist in domestic work with our Hook and Loop tape.

😁 Keep your mouth fresh with our 3-in-1 Dental Floss.

🛋️ Keep your furniture noise-free with our Furniture Felt Pads and Bumper Pads.

📸 Doing online business? Click your product photos with our Photography Backdrops, T-Stand, and clips.